Tim Beckerling

Creative Director

“I believe that the true source of creativity is play, experiencing joy and putting yourself into the work that you do. It's not some kind of innate talent or ability that you have.”

Tim Beckerling is Executive Creative Director at MRM//McCann in Madrid, Spain. He has a passion for breakthrough creative ideas and an obsessive dedication to craft.

Tim has won over 130 Awards, most recently for his work on Mercedes-Benz, including 2x 2019 One Show Pencils, 2x Pencils at D&AD 2019, a Cannes Entertainment Lion, Gold and 2x Silvers in Branded Content at the 2018 London International Advertising Awards.

He believes that creativity pointed in the right direction can change not only a business but the world.


Creativity Isn't A Solo Mission
Tim BeckerlingCreativity
Tim believes creativity is all about play and collaboration. And working with the people you want to hang out with anyway.

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Creative Spark

11 talks
From the smallest idea to the biggest. Creativity is at the heart of it all. These talks are all about harnessing creativity and making it work for you.
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