Tim Little

Creative Director

“Service is a powerful tool”

Tim started his career with 10 years in advertising where he worked with brands such as Adidas, Dunhill, Albam and Tods to name a few.

In 1997, Tim, along with his creative partner Howard, started the Tim Little shoe store and brand where for 24 years, they created and sold bespoke shoes within the heart of Chelsea, London.

Most recently, from 2010 he was the Creative Director and owner of the English heritage shoemaker Grenson, where he oversaw brand, tradition, fashion, design and keeping the consumer at the forefront of what they do. He is largely credited with bringing the storied 165-year old brand into the 21st century. And he did it by bending age-old skills to the creation of interesting new shoes.


The Only Thing That Matters Is Everything
Tim LittleCreativity
Tim Little knows the importance of each and every detail when building a brand. He has turned many global brands around in his previous advertising days. But it is what he has done at Grenson Shoes, a shoemaker since 1866, that had fallen on tough ti...
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