Tamsin Omond | Applying Pressure


Tamsin Omond
Applying Pressure

Climate Campaigner

DO Wales 2008
Running time: 19m 11s

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Applying Pressure – Can An Individual Change the World?

Drawing from their experience with high profile ‘Plane Stupid' and their role as a radical lobbyist and non-violent direct activist, Tamsin considers what transforms illegal action into legitimate world-changing events. 

Using both historical precedent and the current environmental struggle, they suggest that at times of crisis, when governments will not act in the interest of the people, individuals must involve and empower one another to demand and live according to what is socially good. Non-violent direct action is this community's application of pressure - not to asking for a better tomorrow but creating the reality of a better today.

Last year, at the beginning of the summer, Tamsin borrowed their friend's edition of Heat (Monbiot). July was spent with climate science and frantically preparing Climate Camp campaigners. The end of the summer was Climate Camp - six days of sustainable living, workshops and skill-shares, two arrests and two acquittals.

There are many forms of environmental action and there are many campaign targets. Since Tamsin's speedy introduction into grass-roots organisations, they have helped coordinate carnival marches, protest camps, locks/stick-on's, and banner-drops. Working with Plane Stupid they have brought the protest to a variety of sites: airports, corporate offices, high-street travel agents, the roofs of the Houses of Parliament.